The low-carbon energy transition is a certainty. Making it socially equitable, gender balanced and widely accessible is an imperative. We work to this end by merging and combining robust, science-based climate and energy policy analysis with holistic solutions and innovative pathways towards a decarbonised and climate-compatible energy-abundant future.

We envision the democratisation of low-carbon and climate-resilient dynamic energy systems, and work to realize society’s potential to sustain human wellbeing within the carrying and adaptive capacity of natural ecosystems. 

The key  values guiding our work... 


A world where cooperation trumps competition, where collaboration sparks creativity, and where common challenges call for collective solutions. The success of our work is anchored in a deeply rooted understanding of non-hierarchical and horizontal collaborative relationships. We cut across outdated working dynamics and strive to advance and mainstream collaborative relationships based on shared objectives and diversification of talent.


We question the validity and usefulness of one-size-fits-all, reactive responses to the global climate crisis. We instead prioritise holistic, individually tailored, proactive solutions drawing from a myriad of academic disciplines from ecology and sociology to systems analysis, ecological economics and political science.

Commitment & Consistency

We put patience at work, and transform it into consistency in our actions; aiming to respond to the pressing social-ecological and economic impacts that outdated energy systems and regressive climate policies have upon our everyday lives. We value this commitment as a fundamental principle guiding our work.